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Download the program brochureProgram Brochure Omega-3 Summit 2013


Consensus Statements Omega-3 Summit 2011

Bellagio Report on Healthy Agriculture, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy People (Nutrients, 2013, 5)

Target and Objectives

The Omega-3 Summit 2013 - Product Availability and Purity - How to Influence Policy and Grow Consumer Awareness is designed for Leading Food Industry, Dietary Supplement and Food Ingredient Industry, Industry Associations  and leading EU and global policy makers, as well as Industry Sectors involved with production of Fish Oil, and other sources of LC-Omega-3s and precursors thereof.

The program will

  1. Develop Industry and Government Recommendations for Improved Health by Improved Nutrition in a Sustainable way;
  2. Publish Position Statements

And will spread these to leading Food & Drinks Industry publications and web information services.